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Mama Mio is a skincare brand that gets it. We want to be educated on how to care for our skin as our lives evolve. The women masterminds behind the brand have connected the dots and delivered products that bridge the mind/body connection. At our recent Style Suite event in California, we had some of the beauties from Mama Mio treat our blogging friends to arm massages and share how exercise + product = success. Because sometimes we need a reminder to be kind to our skin.

arm massage

We were treated to the Body Buff, then the Skin Tight Serum and finally a little OMega Super-rich body cream. The result--skin like butter, very firm, yet tantalizingly touchable butter.

Since we all do so much typing and lifting of kids, the arm pampering was divine. We can't fly Jill and her team to you for massages, but we can recommend you recreate the smooth, silky skin we got at home by setting up a mini spa for yourselves with the Bootcamp for Arms. It's a 30-day skincare & exercise program that will firm things up and smoothing things out.

Mama Mio Bootcamp for Arms

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Mama Mio was one of our amazing sponsors at the Style Suite.

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