All makeup brushes aren't created equal, and during a recent interview we learned all about the different types of makeup brushes from Annie Mayo, Founder of Advanced Mineral Makeup. From different shapes and sizes, here are some tips on updating your beauty routine. In our chat, I learned about three makeup brushes that I don't use regularly that I plan to add to my makeup routine.

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Three Makeup Brushes to Add to Your Makeup Routine

Three Makeup Brushes to Add to Your Makeup Routine

  1. Flat top brush: Used with pressed powder you will get the fullest coverage, the brush is flat and dense you pick up more powder. Swirl powder on brush and tap off the excess then tab the minerals on brush with your finger tips so the minerals fall into the brush, apply to skin. Try this one from Ulta & IT cosmetics ($24).
  2. Kabuki brush: Used with loose powder and blush. Dip brush into cap of loose powder tap powder with fingertip to distribute powder through out the brush and apply to a section of the face at a time in a circular motion. Also can be used for blush application to apple of cheeks. Make sure to clean in between use of powder and blush. Try this compact one from BareMinerals ($34).
  3. Liquid foundation brush: Using a foundation brush will give you a flawless look. Apply foundation to the back of your hand and pick up a little at a time working a section of your face at a time blend the brush in a crisscross (create a X) motion especially if you have large pores to fill in and correct the skin. A foundation brush works much better than your fingers or a sponge that can waste a lot of foundation. Try this one from Clinique ($34).


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