Three Easy Hair Upgrades for Moms


I don't know about you, but I have very little time to spare in the morning. Getting two kids out the door on time is no easy feat in my house, so spending an hour in front of the mirror isn't happening. That being said, I try to not look like a total hot mess when I drop my precious cherubs off at school if I can help it. Typically I throw my hair in a side braid for instance. It's a quick and simple way to tame my tresses. That being said, I've been rockin' that look on the regular for so many years now, I've made it my goal to switch it up at least sometimes this school year. So, let's talk about three easy hair upgrades for moms...

esy-bobby-pin-5-minute-hair-style-diy (1)

Turn to bobby pins...I always make sure I have bobby pins on hand. These little miracle workers can keep my daughter's bangs out of her eyes as well as keep my crazy waves a bit under control too. Score! And you can go beyond ordinary bobby pins and pick up some with designs. I can see a mommy and me moment coming on!

KristinCloseVrt (1)

Throw on a hat...It doesn't get much easier than this folks. Whether you're drawn to a good old cowboy hat like moi or Panama hats, another personal favorite of mine, or even a beanie when the weather gets colder, hats hide a bad hair day like nothing else!

red carpet hair

Curl it...I know this looks high maintenance, but if you take a little time in the evening to give yourself some red carpet curls, you can rock them for several days. I'm all for hairstyles that will go the distance. I shared a step by step tutorial that breaks things down so anyone can give themselves red carpet curls!

Hair Upgrades

So, there you have it...Three easy hair upgrades to help you amp up your drop off and pick up line look. Who's ready to get out of those yoga pants and rock a fun hairstyle?! Ok, ok. You can keep the yoga pants. Bwah!

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