Three Easy Steps to Glowing Skin


I may be a woman firmly entrenched in her thirties, but I still feel like that carefree twenty something girl who could walk out of the house without a stitch of makeup on and feel great. I may feel more comfortable having a little something on my face now, but I still subscribe to the less is more philosophy, so taking care of my skin is of utmost importance when it comes to my beauty routine. I mean who doesn't want glowing skin? You know this girl does! And I have three easy steps that help me work towards that.

skinc peel

1. Treat...To see serious change, a treatment product like a peel can do wonders. SkinC, for example, makes a simple to use peel, their Pure Revival Peel, to be exact, a miracle working anti-aging gel that will leave you with a brighter complexion after sloughing away dull, dead skin. And the best part is, that while it's a potent treatment, it doesn't contain harsh ingredients like parabens, sulfates or phthalates.

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2. Cleanse...As you've probably noticed, gentle is the name of the game here. After using a peel, you want to minimize the redness and irritation that you could experience by washing your face with a super gentle cleanser like ZENMED Gentle Cleansing Cream. It's calming, won't leave behind residue that clog your pores and is specifically formulated to control redness.

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3. Exfoliate...Now the peel is non abrasive, but some irritation can still occur. So, instead of turning to your favorite exfoliating products for a while. Instead you can use a facial scrubber like the beauty 360 version available at CVS, that will help clean your face while very gently exfoliating your new glowing skin. Hey, I know how important exfoliation is to younger looking skin, so this is a great work around while you let your treated skin calm down.

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And there you have it...three of my must do skincare steps are treat, cleanse and exfoliate and if you work on those you'll be on your way to gorgeous, glowing skin!

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