The Cure for Beach Hair

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Pools and salt water can turn fine baby hair into a tangled mess. This summer I've been trying a bunch of different shampoos and conditioners on the girls (or should I call them mermaids?). A favorite has been So Cozy Green Apple Swimmer's Shampoo.

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My daughter's hair was very dry from her swim class. I've been thrilled with the results. Guess what? It worked great on my hair too. To find out the magic formula, I contacted Cozy Friedman, child hair expert and founder of Cozy'??s Cuts for Kids and the So Cozy product line. Cozy says that kids need formulas specially designed to protect and condition their hair. When used after swimming theSo Cozy Green Apple Swimmer's Shampooprotects hair from the dry, dull and discoloring effects of chlorine and keeps hair healthy and hydrated.

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And for those of you with curly-haired kids, Cozy has this advice."First, try to keep hair tied back whenever your daughter will be playing or swimming, keeping in mind not to tie it back too tightly as that will cause breakage to the hair. Next, be sure to keep up with the detangling daily. Even one skipped day can lead to a '??bird'??s nest'? that starts at the nape of the neck." Cozy also recommends herLucky Lime Pre-Detangling Treatment, a formula that instantly starts the detangling process in the bathtub by smoothing the cuticle, allowing knots to comb out easily and gently.

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