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Beauty & Beyond: Keeping Things Cool

This heat wave is no friend of mine. My hair is frizzed—that is when it’s not plastered to my head. My skin is greasy—that is when sweat isn’t washing away the shine. My eyes are watering. OK, the watery eyes have nothing to do with the weather. They actually have everything to do with my tearing up that I look quite the travesty.

Summer Beauty Finds

There’s nothing I wouldn't give for a little cooling off. And I get it (plus a little skin-saving SPF) with the new 2-in-1 Sport Bronzing sunscreen Gel SPF 15 from Rayito de Sol. Translating to "ray of sunshine," this is Latin America's hottest line of suncare. Though this particular gel touts itself as bronzing, I’m not really sure why because I didn’t see a ton of color when I put it on. No did color show up later. I didn't care. That not what drew me to it.

The formula cools on contact. That's why I wanted it. I mean, don’t get me wrong…you don’t get frostbite (something I would welcome when it's 93 degrees out), but it’s definitely a nice change from the usual thick layer of sunscreen. It’s a light gel that dries quickly and gives you the all-important SPF 15.

And even though I’m taking care of my skin now by layering on the SPF, I wasn’t always this savvy. Yes, yours truly was known to lay in the sun whilst pouring baby oil all over herself to make sure she had the deepest tan known to (wo)man. Needless to say there’s some sun damage on my face.

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I noticed just how much when I had a facial recently (a little shout out to my friend Julie Michaud and her new Prettyology in Boston). Although I couldn’t help but look (in true train wreck fashion…I wanted to but I couldn’t turn away), it was actually a good thing I did see all those freckles and sun spots with the oversized up-close-and-personal mirror. Truth hurts.

With their Fresh Face Relief Serum from its organic suncare collection, Coola is helping me with that. As part of its Environmental Repair Plus products, this protective, anti-inflammatory moisturizer has been named a New Beauty Must-Have by Elle magazine. It's a fresh-scented formula that cools and nourishes sun-damaged skin and then keeps it safe from future exposure. It won't get rid of those pesky spots, but it will certainly rehydrate so you get back some of your glow.

It’s like giving your skin a healthy salad--Alfalfa Extract renews and promotes collagen production; Japanese Seaweed creates a natural UVA shield that combats exhaust, smoke, heavy metals and free radicals; and Radish Root is an antimicrobial skin protectant derived from kimchi (now I'm hungry) that repairs irritated skin. And there’s also Licorice Root, a protective anti-inflammatory that reduces redness and balances sun-damaged skin. I love to put this on after cleansing at the end of a ridiculously hot day in the sun.

Which let's face it...there are plenty on the horizon. Happy summer-someday-soon!

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