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Beauty & Beyond: Getting Ready for Warmer Days

Snuggled between two 40-degree days last week was one that reached the glorious number of 70. But if this one day taught me something it was this – I am not prepared. I needed the following: a tan, a shave, an exfoliation, a pedi. I’m actually (but don’t tell anyone) happy it returned to unseasonably cold weather, so I could get my act together.


First up was sloughing off the rough stuff. This is one of the most important things you can do once winter winds are over for good. Since hem lines creep up as temps creep up, you’ll want to uncover fresh skin to show off in trendy spring dresses.

Ahava has introduced its DeadSea Salt Softening Butter Salt Scrub just in time. This formula blends Dead Sea minerals and salt crystals (you can actually see them) with natural oils of jojoba and coconut and anti-aging Dunaliella Seaweed. The seaweed has antioxidants and Vitamin A to reinforce skin's natural protective processes and moisturize skin. Although it was tough to scoop out (the scrub is very rich and solid), the tough texture becomes a nice lotion as you smooth it on.

Ahava’s DeadSea Salt Softening Butter Salt Scrub is available for $24 at Nordstrom and at

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And now getting fuzz-free was next on my To Do list. The exfoliation I'm sure helped with this, but I still knew what was coming. Razor burn. Since I needed a quick fix (not my usual session with my Philips Satin Perfect), I had to shave. The thought of shaving gives me goosebumps. It's because the act of shaving gives me itchy bumps.

I found something cool to help. Shaveworks The Cool Fix (brought to you by the people at Anthony Logistics for Men) targets ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn and redness. It brings a tingle to your bikini line, under arms, legs, wherever, and the cool blue formula spreads quickly and evenly over skin.

This isn't a one-time application, but I guess you could if you wanted. Instead, try using twice a day when you need it and then every other day when you don't. The ingredients like Glycolic and Salicylic Acids exfoliate, lifting dead skin cells so future hairs come through more easily. They also clear pores and kill bacteria. The Phytic Acid detoxifies and dissolves dead skin cells to free trapped hairs from top layers of skin.

The Cool Fix is available at Sephora for $25.

Now I just have to worry about a pedi and a tan. And maybe some cellulite cream. Who are we kidding - I'm still not prepared. Just FYI, I’ll be trying out new scrubs and peels over the next month, as well as offering tips for exfoliating and self tanning. So stay tuned, as we navigate the changing of the seasons together. Happy spring, ladies!

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