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Beauty & Beyond: Spring Beauty Trends

I’ve had pneumonia this past week. Good times. In an effort to go from looking weak to looking chic, I had to do some quick thinking. The first task was to get rid of these bags under my eyes (wait, wasn’t I just mentioning them last week?). I guess sleeping 18 hours a day for five days wasn’t enough. Or maybe it was too much. Regardless, I look humdrum.

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Luckily, I was just sent some of Melvita’s new Fresh eye-contour gel, perfect for puffiness and dark circles. Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah. You've heard it before. Seems everyone wants to help you out with your dark circles. Although I think mine are beyond help at this point, I will say this light gel does have a refreshing feeling when you first put it on. It's a nice tingle that really wakes your skin up.

It has mountain roses in it (awwww...I sent my sick self flowers!) that have draining and decongesting properties, along with Red seaweed extract (awwww..I sent my sick self seaweed?) for a blood flow boost. The seaweed is known to have rich amounts of Vitamins B12 and A to increase microcirculation.

This gel is part of their new rose nectar line and is natural and organic cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife. I plan on storing it in the fridge for an extra chill when I pat it on tomorrow morning. There's nothing quite like waking up to roses when you've been sick.

Melvita's Fresh Eye-Contour gel is available at for $34.

One other unexpected thing since I've been started off as a happy zing, but ended with a thump.

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With my illness I've lost a few pounds (insert happy kazoo noises here). But that seems to have translated to my face looking very a little...droopy (insert baby crying here).

There are at least 20 muscles in your face. Seems most of mine over the past few years have started sliding down my jawbone to create lovely jowls. By losing a few pounds, these jowls weren't puffed up with my extra healthy five lbs. They're now sagging a bit. I can't seem to catch a break. Cough.

When I was in high school I remember seeing this exercise touted to firm your jawline. Tilt your head back, then take your bottom lip and put it over your top lip until you feel the stretch in your neck. Do it 15 times. So I did. Then I got bored. I was 16. I still had a jawline.

Boston spa owner Lavinia Borcau has added a DVD to her European-influenced organic skincare line LaVie Organics. Entitled From My Neck Up, I popped this face and neck exercise DVD in and what to my surprise was on it but that silly looking motion for the jawline. Along with several other ones that promise to help you tone your expression muscles for a younger face.

The exercises in the video will show you how to use isometric, resistance (no barbells, just your own fingers) and aerobic techniques to define and sculpt these areas during a 15-minute program. Just three to five times a week and you should see a difference. You can work your double chin, a flabby throat (a great exercise to do while putting your night cream on), and training the corners of your mouth to turn up so your cheeks always look lifted. You can even tighten your forehead and lift droopy eyelids (shown above…you’re probably doing that exercise daily with your kids without even knowing it). Some areas have several exercise options.

Since this pneumonia has meant it's impossible for me to exercise my body, I'm still going to exercise...this time, it'll be my mind (TV recap - The Following is amazing, Red Widow is great, Bates Motel is meh and Game of Thrones starts Sunday!) and now my face.

From My Neck Up is available at for $49.99.

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