Skincare Essentials from Basq

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I really didn't understand the ups and downs of pregnancy until I had my children. Sure, you can see a bump and 'oh' and 'ah' at the mother-to-be but what I didn't realize was the stretch marks, varicose veins, sleepless nights, ingestion and so forth that comes with the joy of growing a life. Expecting moms will love this skincare essentials from Basq. Remarkably the marks and bruises of birth can dissipate with a skin care line from basq NYC. As the leading maternity and new mother skin care line, basq is paraben, phthalate and animal testing free that is also made with ingredients that are beneficial for your skin like essential oils and plant extracts.

Skincare Essentials from Basq

I loved testing out the CALM Body Oil - Lavender Pear, an oil that is designed to "relax the senses, ease anxiety and improve sleep" (yes, please). The mild scent was invigorating as I sprayed it by my bed. As an oil, it is also designed to heal and hydrate the skin as well as prevent damage and minimize scarring. They also designed am exclusive gift box for Destination Maternity (in pink or blue) for $60 that includes 4 oz TOUCH Butter, 2 oz SHARE Massage Oil, 2 oz DREAM Mist and soap.

I was also a huge fan of their Advanced Stretch Mark Cream. This unique formula uses a three prong strategy to fight marks: Clinically Proven Ingredients, Essential Oils known for scar prevention, and rich butters. I loved how creamy the formula was as I lathered it on my skin. It was also incredibly hydrating, which I really appreciated during the severely drying summer.

Not only about stretch marks, pregnancy has a way to zap that glow from your skin. I've always had issues with my skin, and saw drastic changes with the birth of both of my daughters. To combat some of these issues, I have been using the Rebalancing Facial Cleanser, a gentle face wash that cleans, clarifies and polishes. Featuring plant extracts Oak Root and Ylang Ylang, the formula is designed to penetrate deeply to end blemishes, clarify and tone face. It also works on dark spots (melasma from pregnancy, sun, aging spots) to calm those fine lines.

basq also offers a diverse collection of sets - ranging from a Fresh Face Box Set, a Bounce Back Aromacology Spa Kit and a 9 Month Stretch Essentials Kit - all designed to focus on the mom and her ever-changing body.

They also recently collaborated with Disney in a line surrounding the theme 'It's A Small World.' This high quality skin care line for mom and baby including fun products like Dream, Touch and Love. They are all hypoallergenic and make caring for skin and bonding moments even more precious. The company has also been selected to be included to be sold at the flagship Disney Baby store in California in September.

There are so many levels to pregnancy and many of which are surrounded in joy, but we can't forget the skin woes that is also associated with. Products from basq allow moms and moms-to-be relief with their natural and gentle skin care line that can protect, strengthen, rebuild and replenish the skin during this new and exciting chapter in their lives.

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