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Sensitive Skin Bath Products for Kids


When my daughter was two years old I started noticing small bumps and red spots that collected around her arms and legs. At first, I didn'??t know what they were and later went to my daughter'??s pediatrician who assured me that this wasn'??t a rash, bite or an allergy, but rather a reaction to her bath soap and that she had very sensitive skin. After that I started learning more about products that contained no fragrance or dyes and discovered a few natural and organic products that quickly helped clear up her skin. Here are some of my favorite bath products for sensitive skin.


Baby Oh Baby Unscented Bath Wash. A discovery at my health food store, this concoction of colloidal oatmeal (finely ground and boiled oats), aloe, and chamomile has been a saving grace for my daughter'??s skin. Made by Rainbow Research Group, I instantly noticed a difference as her bumps and redness cleared up without being harsh or irritating. The wash (about $8 for a 12oz. bottle) also contains no fragrance, colors, dyes, or petroleum '?? making it a great solution for dry, irritated and itchy skin.


California Baby Products. Another product that I tried was California Baby'??s Super Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash ($20.99 for a 19oz. bottle). The name of the product alone convinced me to give it a try and I am glad that I did. I loved how gentle and mild the formula was that I used all over my daughter'??s skin. I also loved how versatile this chemical-free product not only functions as a body wash but also as a non-irritating face wash and a shampoo. I even used this product on my hair and I loved how it didn'??t weight down my hair and left it smooth and easy-to-mange. California Baby also has a great line of diaper creams and no fragrance sunscreens. As a sensitive skin product, dermatologists and allergists also recommend it for those with chemical sensitivities.

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Little Twig. An all-natural and organic product company, I tested out Little Twig'??s Extra Mild and Unscented Baby Wash ($9.99 for an 8.50 oz. bottle) on my daughter and found that it was very gentle and non-irritating for her sensitive skin. Made from aloe vera, jojoba and vitamin E, you don'??t need to us that much of the lightweight formula that is also free of fragrances, paraben and sulfate.

Oatmeal Bath. My daughter'??s pediatrician also recommended something as simple as an oatmeal bath to treat sensitive skin. This essentially involves 1 cup of oatmeal that you add to a lukewarm bath. I really loved how easy (and cheap) this method was and it even calmed down her skin after a day or two. This type of bath can also treat and provide relief for those that have eczema, chickenpox, shingles, cuts, sunburn and insect bites. My only gripe is that this solution is very messy and time-consuming to clean up.

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