Beauty & Beyond: DIY Beauty Treats for Royal Pampering

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It's no secret how I’ve been obsessed with Duchess Kate’s wardrobe since she got out of her Cinderella coach to marry her Prince Charming. She has such grace and style. But I have to be honest. I really wasn’t all that into the new baby’s arrival. I didn’t sit there with bated breath, awaiting the town crier’s news. Don't hit me.

But that all changed when I saw the beautiful couple holding their new baby boy. They looked so hopeful, so in love. And of course, she looked amazing.

It also reminded me how new parents rarely have time for anything. Sometimes a trip to the store is a luxury that your day doesn't afford. So this city girl called upon Country Woman magazine's recent issue for a few DIY beauty products, some of which can be just made with whatever you have in the royal kitchen. I would fall over dead if I ever found out Duchess Kate was reading this. But until then, there's no reason why all of us can’t feel like queens when we have new babies. Or any time.

DIY Hair Mask

2 Tbsp. olive oil, 1 tsp. honey, 3 soft-gel vitamin E capsules, 1 Tbsp. coconut oil, 1 egg white

Break open vitamin capsules and mix contents with olive oil, honey and coconut oil in bowl. Microwave for 15-20 seconds. Stir until coconut oil dissolves completely. Let cool slightly; add egg white. Stir gently until all is mixed well. Apply mixture to ends of hair strands, avoiding scalp. Wrap in a warm towel and keep on for 30 minutes to an hour (hair may stiffen). Rinse thoroughly with warm water, followed by your usual shampoo and conditioner.

DIY Raw Sugar Scrub

2-1/2 cups raw washed sugar, 1/2 cup coconut oil, 2 Tbsp. grape seed oil, 20-30 drops lavender essential oil or other essential oil

Microwave coconut oil in a bowl, stirring every 30 seconds until completely liquefied. Add sugar, grape seed oil and essential oil to melted coconut oil. Stir thoroughly; the mixture will have a coarse, sticky texture. Put into containers. Shake gently before each use.

DIY Bath Soak

1 cup Epsom salts, 1 cup baking soda, 10-15 drops choice of essential oil

Mix Epsom salts, baking soda and essential oil drops in a container with a tight-fitting lid or in a plastic bag. Add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil for moisturizing, if desired.

DIY Whipped Body Lotion

1/2 cup shea butter, 1/2 cup cocoa butter, 1/2 cup coconut oil, 1/3 cup olive oil, 6-12 soft-gel vitamin E capsules, Choice of essential oil

Combine all ingredients except essential oil in bowl. Microwave, stirring every 30 seconds, until completely liquefied. Heat and stir continuously until ingredients melt. Let cool 10-15 minutes. Add essential oil; stir well. Place in refrigerator for about an hour to harden until soft to the touch. Use a whisk or hand mixer to whip for 10-15 minutes until creamy and smooth.

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