Retinol Game Changers from RoC


Once I hit my thirties, products containing Retinol definitely became a regular part of my beauty routine. Whether I liked it or not, fine lines started to pop up on my face, particularly in my under eye area. Being that I pose for photographs quite a bit, I can't say I was excited about these new additions. Just sayin'.

Thank goodness for game changers like RoC Retinol Corexxion Eye Cream. I've been using it for momths and it's really helped soften my crow's feet and reduce puffiness. Like so many busy mamas, I tend to get less sleep than I should, so I truly appreciate products that can help me look less tired. You can relate right? Haha! I mean we can't wear oversized sunnies ALL the time.


I'm also loving Roc's Retinol Corexxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream. If your skin is sensitive, you probably want to start out with a Retinol based night cream so your skin has time to calm down if there is any irritation. Don't be fooled by the word deep by the way. I'm all about prevention...My lines might not qualify as deep yet, but I'm ok keeping that time away as long as possible. Who's with me?

I shared even more reasons why I love these two Retinol products in our latest beauty video! Check it out!

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