How to Refresh Your Blowout Instantly


When it comes to washing my hair...I'm lazy. I mean really lazy. My mane is not overly oily, so I can get away with putting several days in between my washings. And that definitely happens if I've had a professional blowout. Mama wants to make it last. Haha! Even though my hair doesn't get particularly greasy, it just isn't as fresh looking a day or two after my blow as it is the day I get it done obviously. And that's why I've been on the hunt for a good dry shampoo for ages it seems...Alas, the perfect dry shampoo has eluded me. I've found a few that I like, but nothing compares to my newest find.


I'v recently fallen in love with Unite 7 Seconds Refresher thanks to my favorite blowout hot spot Blo. (On a side note, you can see my collab with them on how to get Oscars ready curls here.) ot only does this powerhouse product make me look like I just stepped out of the salon, but it's a root lifter too! Ever since I had my daughter, my hair has come in fine rather than course so I don't have as much volume at the roots as I used to. A quick spritz of 7 Seconds and I don't look like my style's fallen flat.

Come see why else I'm in love with Unite's 7 Seconds Refresher in our latest beauty video! And just in case you missed our review of Nyme Organics, you can find it here!

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