How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs


Let's get real for a moment...Raise your hand if you hate ingrown hairs. Who doesn't? You know I'm raising both hands over here! While I may go to an every other day shaving schedule in the cold weather months, versus daily in the summertime, that doesn't mean I don't want a super smooth shave when I do decide tackle the old stubble. Haha! I want to prevent ingrown hairs as much as the next girl. That being said I don't always take the necessary steps to ensure that I get an ideal shave. I'm talking about a nice sharp razor and shaving cream. More often than not, I grab the dull(ish) razor and bar of soap that I find in the shower.


So, I decided to put my girl pants on recently and get a product that was formulated specifically for shaving and would help prevent ingrown hairs. But first, I'm exfoliating regularly with a nice sugar scrub. If you get rid of the dead skin that's built up on your legs the hair will be able pop through and get cut better. Just a little tip from me to you..Now let's get back to that miracle product I mentioned.

I'm talking about shave oil ya'll. Just like with your favorite face oil, shave oil makes your legs softer. And when the hair on your legs is properly prepped, you get a much smoother shave. I'm loving Tree Hut Bare Moisturizing Shave Gel. Full disclosure, it's a bit pricier than your run of the mill shower gel, but it improves the contact your skin and your razor leading to a much more pleasant shave. You can't beat that with a stick...Am I right? Check out our latest beauty video for the lowdown on this must have beauty product and how it can help you prevent ingrown hairs!

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