Paper Shower: The First Wet and Dry Towels


My husband gets a sad look whenever I mention camping. Why? What are we going to do about coffee. He can't stand instant. There are no Starbucks in the middle of Harold Parker State Park. How will he get his morning cup of sunshine?

Solution: I bought him a Coleman 12-cup coffee pot that's heated with propane for those camping cups of Joe. If I'm lucky, out of the 12, he'll let me have one.

Why do I get a sad look when it comes to camping? Showering. I don't need to look nice when being all outdoorsy, but I do like to clean up a bit before hitting groundbed. I get all creeped out by the stalls. I know I shouldn't because we only go to über-nice camp sites. But I just think of all the germs and the ick-factor takes over.

Solution: Paper Shower. When you need to freshen up sans soap and water, this Wet/Dry Towelette design gives you a quick and easy way. It's a shower in a pack, technically. Invented by a doctor visiting Starbucks after a bike ride (all things stem from the need for coffee, I'm convinced), these wet/dry towelettes are perfect for hiking, camping, beaches, picnics.

They are a two-for of wet and dry. The wet nap is a highly saturated unscented moist towelette that contains water, soap and skin moisturizers to wash your body and face with its aloe, Vitamin E and glycerine-enriched formula. Unlike other standard 'wet wipes,' they don't have a high alcohol content, so you won't overdry your skin. Then the dry towelette is uniquely designed to efficiently absorb the excess wet towelette fluid without removing the integrated moisturizing ingredients from the skin.

The towelettes are partially made from recycled materials, and the two pouches are attached, so you're never without Step 1 or Step 2.

This quick cleanup wakes you up as good as coffee. This is a good thing, because I seriously doubt my husband would give you a cup.

Paper Shower is available at for $7.50 for a six-pack.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive samples for review purposes.

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