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Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program

Have you ever considered donating your hair?

Have you ever considered donating your hair? As someone who’s donated herself, I can tell you it’s well worth the effort! I mean all you have to do is grow your hair out...Nature basically takes care of that for you. Haha! I only wish I had known about the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program back when I was donating my hair. On a side note, I only stopped because my tresses are color treated now, but I digress...


The Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program was created to help women battling cancer. It’s a partnership between Pantene® and the American Cancer Society®, which is actually the largest nonprofit health organization dedicated to saving lives from every cancer out there, as well as improving the quality of life for people facing it. When a woman loses her hair, it can be a devastating blow. Our hair is so important to us and every woman deserves to feel great when she looks in the mirror. Pantene helps women grow long, strong, beautiful hair and provides funds to turn this hair into free, real-hair wigs. After launching in July of 2006, over 800,000 donations have been sent in to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths resulting in over 42,000 wigs. Isn’t that incredible? Being able to provide a woman fighting for her life with healthy looking hair is priceless.


And speaking of incredible things, the Pantene Beautiful Lengths donor event was just held on Wednesday June 24, at the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion in Northwestern Arkansas. The event was hosted by Procter & Gamble’s Mindy Sherwood and Walmart’s Carmen Bouza. Special guests, Olympic skier Lindsey Von and LPGA golf champion Morgan Pressel showed their support too. Lindsey had this to say… “I am honored to be here today. These young men and women in front of me today truly inspire me. These are the true heroes.” And Morgan told the crowd, “I watched my mom go through breast cancer, who passed away in 2003. That’s why this event means so much to me. Thank you to all donating, and volunteering.” We lost my Auntie to breast cancer as well and I remember how hard it was for her when she lost her hair. To try to give back women like her their dignity is truly a beautiful mission in my book...

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As far as the Pantene Beautiful Lengths event goes, over 300 ponytails were collected from men, women and children at this event alone! To put things in perspective, it takes 8-15 ponytails to make a wig, so just think how many wigs will be made from that evening’s donations alone. It’s amazing the difference that can be made when people join together and commit to a cause!

If you’re thinking about donating your own hair, here are some guidelines...Donations must be at least 8 inches long. Hair cannot be permanently dyed, bleached or chemically treated (semi-perm and vegetable dyes are fine) and it also cannot be more than 5% gray. For more information about the program, please visit the Beautiful Lengths tab over at

If it's not possible to donate your hair, but you still want to help, consider making a monetary donation! The Pantene Beautiful Lengths Fund, together with the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, created a monetary donation part of the program, meaning anyone who wants to show their support and help create more wigs than ever has the ability to make a donation. 100% of the fund's donations are used to make Pantene wigs! If you would like to make a monetary donation, click here!

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