My Skincare Staple Products from Boscia

boscia and me

When the Momtrends team asked if I had any staple beauty products, I had to rack my brain a little. My younger self couldn't wait for a product to be done with before switching to a new one. The grass was always greener or rather my skin would always be smoother with this or that. Luckily for the environment and my skin over the past two years I've begun sticking to what I know is good for me. And these days I've got a short list of brands that I am faithful to.

My first beauty staple is by Boscia, I discovered this brand almost eight years ago now. I was just beginning to be intrigued more natural products and it was one of the first of its kind at Sephora.

Developed in Japan 32 years ago Boscia is the world's first 100 % preservative-free skincare. Yes, I've left Boscia a few times over the years to give another brand a try but I always went back and now remain dedicated to their Amino-AG eye treatment and Oil-free daily hydration moisturizer in particular. They are constantly coming out with new products but these two remain as best-sellers. The eye gel goes on clear and feels light, not sticky, and my skin soaks it up. The moisturizer is a big win as well because I can't handle a heavy moisturizer on my face and it's also super light. The bonus is it has hardly any scent.

And while I only daydream of a restful slumber on most nights I think I can thank Boscia, the massive amounts of water I consume and probably my moms good genes for at least fooling the outside world that I'm super well rested. And for those other days? Well, that's what sunglasses are for.

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