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We've already talked about using the new school year as a launching point for a fitness overhaul. Now let's talk style. I read in a parenting magazine today that 36% of moms admit to dropping the kids off to school in pjs. I'm embarrassed for them. I know it's tough, but come on ladies and gentlemen let's have some pride.

To that end, I sought out Debra Rubin-Roberts Founder of Mommy Makeup. Debra says if you've got 6 minutes, you've got time to spruce up. I tested out the Pretty-n-Polished kit. ($120) I'm not a master of brushes and applicators, but I followed the directions and had a fresh face in just a few minutes. The kit comes packed in a trendy black mesh bag. The six pieces included were easy to master (I especially liked the concealer--nothing cakey about it) and the colors were quite flattering. The kits are available in a range of five shades, from light to dark. I wanted to know how Debra (an award -winning makeup artist) launched the brand:

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Q. How did the brand come about?

A. When I first became a mom I barely had enough time to brush my teeth, let alone put on my makeup. Then about two weeks after my daughter was born I had my "light bulb moment" '??my daughter was napping, my mom came over to babysit so that my husband and I could go out for dinner like adults. We had 90 minutes before the next nursing so I had to get ready quickly. I needed makeup that was quick and easy to apply, but would give professional results. After some trial and error my brainstorm became MOMMY MAKEUP!

Q. Why compacts, not loose powder?

A. Mineral powders are naturally oil-free, talc-free, and fragrance-free making them ideal for the sensitive skins of pregnant and post-partum women. These women frequently find their skin going through hormonal changes and mineral makeup works wonders. However loose mineral powders can be a mess, especially with a baby or toddler around. That's why Mommy Makeup's mineral powders are all pressed and available in a beautiful titanium compact, so you get the benefits and coverage of mineral powders with on-the-go convenience.

Q. Debra, Momtrends readers are stretched for time but want to look their best, where do your products fit in?

A. This is exactly what Mommy Makeup is all about. It's about looking your best on a time crunch. We call it, "Look Divine in Half the Time."

Q. What makes Mommy Makeup different from other makeup brands?

A. It's packaged and geared specifically to moms and expecting moms. During pregnancy and the post partum period, women go through many transitions, and make needed changes in their daily lives. They realize they have a lot less time for themselves yet they still want to feel like the women they were before having a baby. Mommy Makeup caters to these very real transitions and changes.

In addition to some well-placed makeup, I've got another trick up my sleeve. White teeth. Yep, yellow teeth add at least five years to the face. Rather than risk an expensive injection of Botox, I'll happily opt for gleaming teeth to fight the sands of time. I've had a few professional whitenings over the years and they look great..for a time. To keep teeth white in between these pricey appointments, I'm trying Crest Pro-Health Whitening Toothpaste. It's the fluoride I need to fight cavities, but also removes surface-level stains. $2.99

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One last thought about the face: You may want to check your child's vision before school starts. LensCrafters offers on-the-spot eye exams to stylish frame consultations. From July 20-September 6, Lenscrafters is running promotions including free FeatherWate Plus lenses for kids 12 and under with any frame purchase.

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