Moisturizing Tips for Radiant Skin

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VaselineTotal Moisture Family Shot

With summer coming I have been keeping my legs and hands moist by applying moisturizer. I recently tested out the NEW Vaseline Total Moisture lotions, a non-greasy and fast absorbing lotion available in three varieties. What makes these lotions special is its Stratys-3, a multi-layer moisture complex that infuses moisture at the top, core, and deep down layers of skin. I loved testing out the Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant and the Aloe Fresh variety that was both light and refreshing as well provided me with sufficient moisture. Vaseline also provided us with some incredible skin care tips for how to stay radiant all summer. Here are some of their quick and easy tips to help you glow all summer long.

1. Exfoliating is a good way to prepare skin for moisturizing it helps to remove dead skin cells from the outer most layer of your skin.

2. Moisturize after your shower or bath to seal in hydration and help prevent dry skin.

3. Moisturize every day. Daily moisturizing helps to create and maintain healthy- looking, radiant skin, just make sure to choose the right lotion for your skin type and the season. There are three variants of Vaseline® Total Moisture® to choose from:
Vaseline Total Moisture: Clean feeling lotion for healthy soft skin.
Vaseline Aloe Fresh: Light feeling lotion for healthy fresh skin.
Vaseline Cocoa Radiant': Rich feeling lotion for healthy glowing skin.

4. Look for unique ingredients, which are known for their skin benefits, in your lotion. Vaseline® Total Moisture® has pure oat extract, Aloe Fresh has pure aloe, and Cocoa Radiant has pure cocoa butter - each of these natural ingredients has been used extensively in skin care products due to their soothing and moisturizing benefits. Oat is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties. It is an effective moisturizer, which can soothe dry skin.

Aloe is a known effective skin conditioning agent, which is also known for its soothing properties. It can help hydrate skin, leaving it feeling refreshed. Cocoa butter is a known effective emollient. It helps hydrate the skin and lock in that moisture to keep skin soft, smooth and glowing.

5. And don't forget the recommended shelf life of your products, which for most lotions is two years after they are purchased.

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