MayaWater: A Refreshing New Facial Mist



This summer has sure been hot! Even after taking a shower it can be difficult to feel refreshed with the humidity and scorching heat in NYC. One way to seek some relief is by stay hydrated by drinking water and using water-based mists. I recently had the chance to test out MayaWater Facial Mist in Organic White Tea, a natural energizing spray made of Norwegian thermal spa water designed to revitalize and cleanse dry and tired skin.

Testing out MayaWater, I used it throughout the day to stay cool and refreshed. Contained in a compact and easy-to-travel to use bottle, I applied MayaWater to my face, arms and legs during a really hot day at the park. As I continued to spray, I felt more replenished, nourished and calm since I wasn'??t sweating. I also noticed that when I applied the mist that any makeup I was wearing remained intact, which I later learned was because the product contains powerful antioxidants that left my skin feeling luxurious and invigorated.

As an all-natural product made with water, herbs, oils and organic white tea I also used MayaWater on my toddler who mentioned how nice and cool the spray felt. As an odor-free and neutral product, I was also happy that was gentle enough for my sensitive skin and that it didn'??t cause any redness or irritation. Like water, it immediately absorbs into the skin to help nourish, cleanse and retain more moisture to the skin '?? making it essential product for the summer.

Developed by Maya Gulbrandsen, an international makeup artist and skin care expert, who found a mineral rich spring in Norway called Skogshornkilden that was an excellent source for revitalizing dry and tired skin. As a multifaceted product, MayaWater is also designed to add more moisture to the skin while also reducing wrinkles, sagging eyes and fine lines.

Although you can'??t do much about the heat, you can take refuge by staying hydrated and spritzing your body and face with refreshing mists like MayaWater.

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