Matching Nails and Lipstick Beauty Trend


I always love trying out the latest beauty trends...Don't you? The looks that grace the runway aren't always wearable for our everyday life as busy mamas, but there is usually at least a little nugget of inspiration that you can grab from a beauty trend and make your own. Take the matching nails and lipstick trend for instance...Fall 2015 designers sent their models down the runway rockin' this look and I instantly fell in love with the jewel tones that kept popping up! Deep, dark, almost burgundy reds are my jam, but I digress...


Now, as a general rule, I'm not typically a fan of matchy matchy anything...I'm more of a contrasting colors girl in fact. Even when it comes to mommy and me fashion, which I can't help but indulge in as I have a fashion lovin' little lady bean at home, we don't go the matching route. We rock looks that coordinate, but don't "match," if that makes sense. That being said...There is something about the matching nails and lipstick trend that totally works for me. Plus, it's just another way to work my favorite fall lippy, Bobbi Brown's Art Stick in Cerise, into my fall look. Wearing lips and nails in bold shades together is totally dramatic without being too over the top!


If you decide to try this trend on for size, make sure you don't go overboard with your makeup. Match up your nails and lips, but be conservative with the rest of your makeup, especially if you're wearing a bold shade like moi. If you have a deep, dark hue for your mani and the same on your lips, adding smoky eyes to the mix, for example, would be overkill!

So, is the matching nails and lips beauty trend something you want to try lovelies?

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