Tips to Make Your Hair Look Thicker


Once upon a time in my twenties I had an envy-worthy mane. It was super thick, grew ridiculously fast, and held a curl like nobody's business. My hubs affectionately called it the jungle. Well, fast forward a decade, and my tresses aren't quite what they once were. My hair is somewhat thinner, even frizzier, and not as effortless as before. That doesn't mean it has to look worse. No, no. I have tips to make your hair look thicker, that I've been relying on the past few years and I'm forever on the hunt for more. And since I know I'm not the only one who struggles with wanting their hair to look thicker, I thought I would share a few of my favorite tips with you today!

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1. Go the messy route. I'm talking about a messy braid, a messy get the picture. Loose, tousled, and pulled out in places to make it look thicker is where it's at. Think... Elsa style! It works even better if your hair has some texture. So, if your hair is naturally wavy like mine, let that natural texture shine through.

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2. Use products...The key is weightless volume. You don't want heavy products that will weigh your hair down and make it look flatter. Instead, you want products like the VOLAIRE 30 Day System complete with shampoo, conditioner, volumizing mist and texturizing spray (which would be great for that messy braid I mentioned). that will give you soft, full-bodied volume. I'm loving that they're sulfate and paraben free, as well as color safe. So, my highlights are safe. Ha!


3. Eat right...When I'm eating a well-balanced diet, it shows in both my hair and skin. If you've noticed that either seem off, I suggest having a chat with your doctor or a nutritionist to see how you can adjust your diet to help. I hear one of my go-to snacks, almonds, are worth adding to help make your hair look thicker. Just sayin'.

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