Looking Pretty When You're Pretty Sick


 I always thought it was a cruel joke to have a holiday that you want to smooch and look extra sexy coincide with a season during which there is the potential to look and fee like crap because of colds or flus. Ha ha, Mr. Cupid. Very funny.

Looking Pretty When You're Pretty Sick

Here are a few tricks to at least look pretty even when you're pretty sick. But when it comes to sharing the germs, that's up to and your kiss target.

Problem: No Sleep
You have: Raccoon eyes
Pretty Quick Fix: Slice a raw potato and place the slices under your eyes for a few minutes. The potassium helps get rid of under-eye dark circles. Place a dot of light eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eye and poof! You just slept eight hours. I've had good luck with Tarte's Rest Assured Brightening Wand.

Problem: Constant Nose Blowing
You have: Flaky nose and dry skin
Pretty Quick Fix: Vaseline, lanolin (although true lanolin is kinda stinky for under-nose placement) Iit doesn't have to be an expensive moisturizer, it just has to be an extra emollient one. Gently rub a generous amount onto the flaky nostril area. Don't use your regular moisturizer if it has any anti-aging properties, because those ingredients might irritate skin further.

Problem: Itchy, Drippy Nose
You have: Redness
Pretty Quick Fix: If your nose is a la Rudolph, dot on a bit of your concealer and blend to the outer edges. Oil is a good thing in this case, since it can help stave off the flakes that sometimes accompany redness, so a "shine-free" or "mattefying" formula might dry you out further.

Problem: Itchy Eyes
You have: Puffiness
Pretty Quick Fix: Apply a cold compress to your eye area for five to 10 minutes to decrease swelling. Don't have that kind of time? Place ice cubes into a bowl of water, and splash your face a few times. This will increase circulation and decrease the puff. Lining the bottom inside lash line with a white eyeliner will also help to whiten and brighten red, itchy eyes. Try Shu Uemura's Eye Light Pencil in White.

Problem: All of the Above
You have: Pale skin
Pretty Quick Fix: Choose a tinted moisturizer for sheer color (or try mixing your regular moisturizer 50/50 with a foundation). Finish with a sweep of peach or pink powder blush for a healthy glow. Keep it light, so it doesn't look like a fever gave you rosy cheeks.

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