Looking Good for Less with I Love Cosmetics


I never realized how luxurious a shower was before I had kids. Think about it - no kids in and out and the time to actually enjoy a fancy body wash. Finding time for a little pampering can be as easy as doing yoga or picking the right skincare.

Now, my showers are bit more rushed and usually involve a kid or two in the bathroom with me. To enjoy my shower, I try to (at least) return some of that luxury back to my shower with some of my favorite body washes, gels and lotions from the super affordable brand, I Love Cosmetics.


Featuring a line of highly effective skin care and bath products, the I Love Cosmetics line includes a collection of products that all have 'I love...' in the title complete with cheeky names and descriptions. This includes colorful, bold and eye-catching bubble baths, shower gels, hand & body lotions and buttercreams that is available in seven delicious scents like Vanilla & Ice Cream, Strawberries & Milkshake and Mango & Papaya.

Some of my favorites from the line are the I love...raspberry and blackberry bubble bath & shower gel. This sweet-scented gel is bursting with vibrant colors and a smell that feels amazing in a shower. I also enjoyed the I love...mango & papaya exfoliating shower smoothie that was perfect after a long day of work and then finally getting the kids down to sleep. This blend of fruits smelled amazing as it worked to slather off the grit and grim of my day. I also loved how smooth and fabulous it made my skin.

Post-shower and throughout the day I loved their line of hand lotions with fun names like I love..strawberries and milkshake and I love...coconut and cream. I tested out the I love...blueberry and smoothie and the I love...lemons & lime. My hands have been super rough due to the winter cold so I was excited to lather up and try these nourishing lotions. I loved how these lotions left my hands feeling amazing, super soft and smooth with an invigorating scent that lasted for hours. Having tried expensive lotions in the past, these lotions not only smelled great but they are comparable to pricey brands on the market.

Beauty doesn't have to cost a lot of money and with I Love Cosmetics you are going to find products that won't break the bank as well as those that do what they say they will do all while coming in a luxurious and pretty package.

The I Love Cosmetics products are available at Duane Reade, Rite Aid, Walmart and on www.drugstore.com with products ranging from $6.99 - $9.99.

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We were given some luxurious products for review purposes.

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