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How to Look Younger with the Halo by Sciton Laser Treatment

I'm at that tricky spot in my thirties where I don't quite feel ready for cosmetic surgery, or even fillers for that matter, but the aging process has definitely affected my face in a way I'm not loving. Haha! So, I'm obviously quite the beauty product junkie. If it claims to smooth out lines or help with discoloration, I'm going to try it! That being said, there aren't really any magical products that can give you the kind of results that a cosmetic procedure can. So, where does that leave us? Well, there's actually a really great option for those of us who want to seriously refresh our skin...a laser treatment!

Enter the Halo by Sciton laster treatment. This revolutionary laser treatment is a hybrid fractional laser, meaning it's a laser that's both ablative and non-ablative. With ablative laser treatments you typically look at some real down time because it targets deep into the dermis, but with Halo you can be out and about right away as your treatment can be customized according to your specific issues. So, you might have some serious solar damage in one area that needs to be addressed, while some more surface issues in another area just requires some attention to your epidermis which heals more quickly. I could definitely tell where much of my solar damage was concentrated based on my recovery, but let's first talk about what happens during the procedure...


I had my procedure done at Dr. Mark Schwartz's office on the upper east side in Manhattan which is just lovely. I couldn't have asked for a more calming and serene atmosphere. After Dr. Schwartz fully explained the procedure and its potential benefits, his staff applied a numbing gel to my skin. Plan on scheduling in at least a couple of hours for your treatment because that part alone took half an hour. Next, it was time for the laser. I have a fairly high pain threshold and would rate it at about a 4 out of 10. It's by no means comfortable, but definitely manageable. Dr. Schwartz treated each section of my face for its specific issues and I noticed that some areas were more painful than others, but again, it was not pain that would put me off from getting a Halo laser treatment again. In fact, I started feeling better as soon as they applied a cooling gel. After resting for a bit, they color matched my skin with makeup that masked the redness and I went about my day.

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Ok, now let's get to the after effects. The first day my skin was just red, like I had a fresh sun burn. The next day it felt scaly and you could start to see the areas where the dead skin was concentrated. Most of mine was on the side of my face that faces the window when I drive. Go figure. Haha! The next few days involved a fair amount of peeling. That's probably the toughest part of the whole process. Continuing to moisturize and not do anything to remove those rough, brown patches or scratch your skin when it itches. Trust me when I say, all those scaly spots will come off and a week or so later your skin will be absolutely glowing! Just don't forget to apply sunscreen without fail as your skin is even more likely to incur sun damage when it's healing. I'm obsessed with Dr. Schwartz's mineral sunscreen for the record. It works great on my sensitive skin, but I digress...


I can report that thanks to Halo I saw significant fading of my age spots, diminished pores and just smoother texture and better coloring all around. I have a fair amount of redness in my skin and I've found that I have been turning to my tinted moisturizer less lately because I don't have as much to cover up. I'm already planning out my next Halo laser treatment experience! I'm so thrilled with the results from my first experience, I can't wait to see what a second treatment could do! I'm so happy I'm even willing to share a no makeup shot with you. Haha!

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