Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

I just came back from my second laser hair removal treatment at Spruce and Bond. After nearly 700 posts, my close friends are most intrigued by this test experience. I know why. Dealing with unwanted hair is time consuming, painful and pricey. We moms want an alternative.

I am not from Nordic descent. I've got think, dark, long hair and I've got to shave about every other day--tough with two little ones, my writing gigs, etc. But I am faithful (more or less) to shaving and waxing for the hubby and to make me feel young, sexy and pretty. Sure some moms give up the shaving and waxing, but I'm still fighting the good fight when it comes to style. I've been thinking about laser hair removal for some time. My preconceptions held me back--pricey and painful with mixed results.

When Spruce & Bond offered to let me try out a full treatment, I was psyched. On the first sessions there are forms and a brief discussion on dos and don'ts. The big no-no: Sun. Tanning and laser hair removal don't work. There are also some meds to steer clear of, but all that is spelled out during your consultation.

The treatment laser area is white and clean--like a high-end waxing salon. I was very impressed with the technician. She was patient with my questions and very professional. When we were ready to begin, she shaved the treatment area and applied a cooling gel (the gel helped the laser glide along). The machine started up with a whir and then I felt small zaps--a little like a heated tweezer pluck--nothing near the pain of shaving. I read a Vogue article while the treatment when on--it was done in a matter of minutes minutes. No redness. No stubble.

I week after the treatments, I was pleased--no more ingrown hairs (hurrah!) and no skin discoloration. The hair has barely grown back--MUCH different than waxing. I'll go back every four weeks for about six sessions--I vow to keep you updated. Could this be an end to razors? I certainly hope so! Find out if this is right for you with a consulation,

What are you doing for hair removal? Share your favorites so we can make great decisions.

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