Labor Day Nail Art

Get into the Labor Day spirit with some festive nail art. We love the fun Anchor Nails that we recently learned how to make from KISS and Broadway Nails. Check out this step-by-step guide to create this fun look at home.

If you are heading away for Labor Day (don't miss our packing tips here) or staying home, a fun nautical nail is a trendy way to celebrate the end of summer.

Creating Labor Day Nail Art Anchor Nails

Use the KISS Galaxy Effects Kit (which includes 3 polish shades in red, white and blue and 1 glitter topcoat! Plus a dotting tool and sponge).

  • Paint your nail with white polish as the base color from the Kiss Galaxy Effects Kit
  • Using the dark blue polish from the Kiss Nail Artist Paints in Masquerade, create a curve ¾ of the way down on the nail and paint in two smaller lines at the edge of the curve for the pointed hook of the anchor
  • Create a small line down the middle and make a smaller line perpendicular to it at the top of the nail, topping the line off with a small circle
  • Using the glitter-red polish from the Kiss Galaxy Effects Kit, take a thin brush from the Kiss Salon Secrets Kit and paint small vertical stripes underneath the curve of the anchor.
  • Do this for every other nail and repeat steps 1-4 with the alternate color.

Products You'll Need for Labor Day Art Anchor Nails

KISS Galaxy Effects Kit ($7.99 / Walgreens), imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails ($6.99 / Walgreens), KISS Nail Artist Paint & Stencil Kit ($6.99 / Walgreens) and KISS Salon Secrets ($9.99 / Walgreens)

Now you are ready for your Labor Day party! 


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