Beauty Find: Johnson's Baby Powder

Baby Powder - Original

Johnson'??s Baby products are a mom's best friend. Of course they work for baby, but these items do double-duty and can be an integral part of your beauty routine. Since moms are all about multi-tasking we say why not demand the same of the toiletries in your home!

Now is the perfect time to dust on some baby powder. It is sweltering! Did you know? JOHNSON'S Baby Powder contains cooling properties that help wipe away sweat and leave your body feeling '??cooler'? and refreshed. During this horrible heat wave, try using it as a deodorizer.

Speaking of heat, our feet are broiling! If you can't stick your feet in a pool, here's some news: JOHNSON'S Baby Powder helps to dry off sweaty feet and minimize the odors associated with them. Try sprinkling the powder in your shoes to prevent sweat and keep your feet dry. If you are also looking to add a refreshing scent to your feet, try JOHNSON'S Cucumber Melon or Lavender Chamomile Baby Powder.

And how about this for a little boost: before you slip into bed for your beauty sleep, sprinkle JOHNSON'S Baby Powder between your bed sheets to freshen up your linens.


Johnson'??s Baby has teamed up with celebrity makeup artist Tia Dantzler to provide tips for looking your best.

'?¢Johnson'??s Baby Powder is the perfect base for mascara. Add some powder to your lashes before adding mascara to add volume & thickness.

'?¢ Use Johnson'??s Baby Powder as a guide under brows to help guide you through the perfect arch.

'?¢For the perfect, flawless smoky eye sprinkle a little of Johnson's Baby Powder under your eyes to prevent eyeshadow fall-out and to keep your makeup fresh & flawless.

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