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Interview with Tammie Umbel, The Founder of Shea terra Organics

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Shea Terra Organics

The beauty of working in this space is meeting so many moms who are creating their own businesses. One such mom is Tammie Umbel. As the founder of Shea terra Organics (and mom of 14 children!), Tammie was on a mission to launch a business that would do more than provide a product, but also offer a resource for people to earn an ongoing living. Check out our interview to learn more about her and this interesting line.

Shea terra Organics

Momtrends: How did you come up with the idea for Shea terra Organics?

Tammie Umbel:Since I was a little girl I said I one day wanted to make jobs for people suffering in third world countries. I was also a wildlife lover and a lover of all things natural. So when the time came to start a business for the future of my expanding family, the answer was obvious to me- to create a company that would help people in third world countries in a way that would help them to preserve their wildlife habitats. From my network of international friends and my international travels I often used natural beauty products for myself and family. From kohol to fragrant hair oils --I was well aware that there were perfectly safe and highly effective natural solutions to the many chemicals that heavily plagued my mother's generation.

Momtrends: How do you find your balance as a mom and a business owner?

Tammie: From the very beginning I put my children first. I never took a job that would require my children to have a babysitter. Before Shea Terra Organics I found ways of making money from home teaching, writing teacher materials, etc. I could do this while my children did their school work or played next to me. I formed Shea Terra Organics with the kids by my side. They would come with me to my warehouse, I even had a whole separate apartment where they could stay all day. Now, I have managers to cover my job so I am able to oversee my company from computer during the day while staying at with my homeschooled kids.

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Momtrends: Why was it important that your line be organic?

Tammie: I started using all natural products when I was a teenager- at the time I was able to make decisions for myself. I always read food labels and avoided foods that said artificial. My skin care was no different. The first "lotion" I bought myself was a stick of cocoa butter, it didn't really work but it was natural. To me, organic simply makes sense. If we alter the nature of things we often end with disastrous results. Our bodies don't really recognize synthetics.

Momtrends: How do you source your ingredients?

Tammie:For over a decade I have been sourcing ingredients directly from communities throughout Africa. I have been working closely with indigenous communities to find out what are the beauty secrets that they have been passing down from generation to generation.

Momtrends: What are some of your favorite products from your line?

Tammie: That is almost like asking me what is my favorite child! I love everything that I create and offer to other people. However, what I personally use in my daily routine is Rose Hips Black Soap Facial Wash, African Blue Calming Bath Drops, Somali Qasil Soap Free Herbal Masque, Moroccan Lava Clay & Camel's Milk Masque and a variety of our facial oils.

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