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How to Wear False Eye Lashes


False eye lashes can be intimidating...Believe me, I totally get that! Not only can they look frightening if you don't apply them right, but the application process alone doesn't exactly look easy right? Well, like all things that take a little effort, false lashes are worth spending a little time on! If you want a dramatic look that will look amazing in pictures and make a big splash the next time you're going out on the town, the sable Beverly Hills Lashes that I'm rockin' are for you!


Now before I give you the play by play on how to wear false eye lashes, I have to confess that I was terrified of false eye lashes until I started having my makeup done by one of my best friends, Annelis Diaz...She's a professional makeup artist and has given me some great tips over the years...Enhancing my own lashes with faux ones is just one of her little nuggets of beauty wisdom that I've made common practice. I had Annelis apply my lashes for this shoot so you could get a better visual of the process, but I promise this is a look you can achieve yourself!

So, are you ready for a real pro's advice? I asked lash and beauty expert Gloria Ting from Beverly Hills Lashes to share her top false eye lashes tips...

Can you wear false lashes every day or are they best saved for special occasions?

We have many different varieties of lashes which customers can choose from. From very natural to very glamorous, which can be worn for every day use or just special occasions.

How do you choose lashes that are right for you?

Depends on your lifestyle and how heavy you like your lashes to look. Whether you like a natural look or very dolled up. Cat/winged eye. We have all the styles which you can choose from.

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How long would you say it takes to apply lashes?

If it's your 1st time, it may take you 5-10 minutes to apply. With practice, you can apply it in less than 30 secs on each eye.

What are your top tips for getting more natural looking false lashes?

Choose one that's not too dramatic and closer to your natural eyelash color.

Can you give us a step by step for applying lashes at home?

You want to trim the 2 ends of the lash line to fit your natural lash line. Apply a small amount of adhesive (that's specially made for strip lashes) along the lash line of the BHL lash. Keeping the eye closed, Carefully place the BHL lash onto your lash line, just above of your natural lashes. Placing the center part of the lash down 1st, then the sides of the eyes. Allow to dry for 10-15 secs and voila!


So, now that you've read an expert's tips on how to wear false eye lashes, are you ready to try your hand at them?!? You won't regret it!

We were not paid for this post. 

Makeup via Annelis Diaz, Photography via Marissa Stratton Photography

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