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There is no form of footwear that I love more than sandals. That being said, all that sandal wearing can lead to dry, cracked heels. And some of us just tend to have dry skin in that area no matter what types of shoes we wear. Am I right? So, I know you would love to know how to heal cracked heels! I mean let's face it. Dry, cracked heels are simply not a good look. You want people noticing your fabulous shoes, not your heels! Summer is coming, and for some of us, spring temps call for sandals too. So, it's high time we got our feet in shape to show them off!

Thank goodness for the new ARM & HAMMER™ Foot Care Moisturizer + Gentle Exfoliators product. At under $10, this product will help you get sandals ready in no time! The super hydrating coconut oil and AHA exfoliator work together to heal and hydrate your feet, plus prevent those cracked heels from making an encore appearance. And you can find it at your local CVS. Easy peasy! Now you don't just have to take my word for it. In fact, we checked in with an expert, podiatrist, Dr. Emily Splichal, for her take on how to heel cracked heels in time for summer...

cracked heels healing product on fuzzy rug

Our feet get stressed every day with the average adult walking 5,000 - 8,000 steps a day. All this pounding on the pavement not only stresses the foot muscles but also the skin of the heels. Dry, cracked heels are common with increased walking, especially as we approach the warmer weather and summer sandals.

Neglected dry heels can lead to cracks in the skin called fissures. These cracks in the skin an allow bacteria to enter and increase the risk of infection. My recommendation to patients with dry heels is to hydrate the heels every day (best time is immediately after a shower as the skin has absorbed the moisture from the water) with a once weekly exfoliation such as pumice stone.

For those with cracked heels I recommend a nightly hydration plus an exfoliant such as the ARM & HAMMER™ Foot Care Moisturizer + Gentle Exfoliators product followed by occlusion with silicone heel pads and socks.

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how to heal dry cracked heels

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