How to Hang on To Summer Beauty


Even though the kids are headed back to school and fall is on its way, you may not be quite ready to say goodbye to summer. That's ok. We have a few beauty ideas for how you can hang on to your summer beauty a big longer. As much as I love fall, which is a LOT, I'm always sad to lose the magic that summer seems to bring with it. So, I plan on hanging on to my summer beauty even as I sip my pumpkin spice latte. Haha!


First up...we have summer nail polish. Who says you have to go dark right now? Sure, deep, vampy hues are what we typically turn to come fall, but we're still in early fall y'all. There's no reason we can't still rock the bright cheerful shades that have been making us happy all summer right? Personally, I'm loving Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Life's a Peach and Rum Punch. Full disclosure, I have gone darker with my mani, but my pedi is still an uber BRIGHT party!


Next, let's talk sunscreen...Don't forget to continue to protect that precious skin of yours! I often find myself using kiddie versions like Cerave Baby sunscreen. It's just easier to buy one that works for the whole family, but I digress...Don't slack on the sun protection just because summer is over. The sun still has plenty of damaging rays that you don't want your skin to be affected by. Pretend that you're still in the throws of summer and keep that sunscreen on deck as part of your daily skincare routine!


And finally, even though I know you used sunscreen religiously this summer, you probably still developed a bit of a glow thanks to all that outside play. But, sadly, that glow will probably go away the further we get into fall, but never fear, there is a product out there that can help retain it. Sol Janeiro Brazilian Golden Body Veil is a hair lightening system that you can use on your legs, arms, tummy and even face! You won't have to worry about your hair becoming more visible as the color summer brought you fades and thanks to Golden Body Veil, your skin will still have a subtle GLOW as this miracle product leaves a lovely golden shimmer!

So, are you trying to hang onto your summer beauty too lovelies?

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