How to Fight Aging Skin with the Silk'n ReVit


Now that I'm in my thirties, I've gotten more serious about fighting the signs of aging. I've been taking good care of my skin since my twenties, but my thirties is when I started to see pesky lines and and an age spot or two pop up. I know I can't win the war against aging skin entirely, but I can certainly put up a valiant effort. Just sayin'. Hey, I don't mind looking my age, but I don't want to look ten years older. Who does? So, after hearing all about the amazing Silk'n ReVit microdermabrasion tool at our event last month, I couldn't wait to give it a test drive myself! Who doesn't want diminished fine lanes and spots? This girl sure does!


Since I'm not quite ready to do anything beyond at home skincare, I was thrilled to learn that with the ReVit microdermabrasion tool, I could achieve the results from the comfort of my home that I could get from an in office treatment. I've never visited a dermatologist for microdermabrasion because I have super sensitive skin and was afraid of how my skin might react to the procedure. I didn't want a Samantha after her chemical peel situation...Haha! So, the fact that the Revit comes with three different diamond heads for fine, course and precision exfoliation really sold me. I was able to start with the fine head and progress to more intensive abrasion once my skin got used to the process.


So, let's talk about how the ReVit works. A gentle vacuum removes the topmost layer of your skin revealing an improved look in as little as a week. My goal when I started using the ReVit was to feel comfortable going makeup free whenever the mood struck and I definitely think that goal is within reach. (I'm actually not wearing any in the photo below for the record.) The skin on my face and neck already feels softer. And I can definitely see an improvement in the texture! Did I mention you can use it on your hands too? That's next for me! Women so often forget about their hands when it comes to their anti-aging skincare routine and the hands can reveal one's age faster than your face sometimes! Next stop...twenty-five year old hands. Haha!


If you're ready to fight that agings skin and try ReVit out for yourself, I have some great news for you! You can get 20% off your purchase with the discount code TRENDREVIT through September 30, 2015. 

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