How to Customize Your Own Makeup


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I’m not the kind of girl who goes for super heavy coverage when it comes to makeup. In fact, until I started creeping toward thirty, I didn’t wear much of anything. All I needed was a little mascara, some lipstick and I was on my way. As the years went by, however, I did find that I wanted at least a little bit of coverage ... and that’s when I found my go-to tinted moisturizer. Now as much as I love that tinted moisturizer, it still has just a touch more coverage than I’m looking for sometimes, so I’ve found myself mixing it with my regular moisturizer more often than not. Let's talk about how you can customize your own makeup.


Well you can imagine my delight, when I heard about Cover FX Custom Cover Drops. With an easy to use dropper you can literally customize your coverage by mixing it with you favorite product. That could mean my favorite mixer, moisturizer, a heavy duty sunscreen, you name it. I couldn’t wait to try them out, so I headed over to Sephora and color matched the drops of my skin ... After that, it was ON! Instead of trying to eyeball how much product to mix with my moisturizer, I can now simply add 1 drop for sheer coverage, 2 drops for medium, 3 drops for full or even 4 drops for total coverage and, voila, I have a completely customized product that I can use for every day wear, as well as on days when I do have to go a bit heavier with my makeup like, when I have a photo shoot. How cool is that?


And the fun doesn’t stop there ... the possibilities are endless with this powerhouse product. Cover FX Custom Cover Drops can be combined with a slew of beauty products. I’m all kinds of obsessed with facial oil and serums and guess what? They too can be used with Cover FX Custom Cover Drops! They simply have to be water, oil or silicon based. I can’t wait to experiment with these drops some more beyond mixing it with my moisturizer! I think I may have just found a new favorite! I mean let’s face it … I love customized anything customized. I still obsess over monograms. I’m not alone right? Haha!

Seize Your #Dropportunity with Cover FX.


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