How to Care for Your Skin When It’s Cold


I’m kind of a skincare junkie. Ever since I fully committed to taking care of my skin in my twenties, it has become an important part of my year-round beauty routine. Sure, we all think about wearing sunscreen in the summer, but you should go so much further than that with your skincare regimen. Not that I’m discounting sunscreen. This girl believes that one should wear sunscreen every day. Seriously...every single day. You should even wear it in the dead of winter. The sun doesn’t take a hiatus just because it’s cold outside. Ok? Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about another important aspect of skincare...moisturization. In fact, we have partnered with Dove for National Healthy Skin Month. Dry, itchy skin certainly isn’t a sign of healthy skin. Just sayin’.


Moisturization becomes even more vital in the cold weather months. Your skin is all too often stripped of moisture once the temps drop and if you already tend to have dry skin, like myself, being exposed to cold weather makes that dry, itchy situation even worse. Thank goodness for products like Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash with NutriumMoisture. Your first line of defense against dry skin should be what you use in the shower. By cleansing with a body wash that has nourishing properties, you’re more likely to achieve all day comfort. In fact, Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash helps give you healthy looking (and feeling) skin by repairing and maintaining its protective layer. The gentle cleansers provide softer, smoother skin after just one shower. If you’re an immediate results kinda person, this product is for you!


By starting your day with a nourishing body wash like Dove, you can feel confident that dry skin woes won’t get you down on even the coldest of days. That will free you up to have fun with cold weather accessories, sip on all of the delicious coffee drinks that winter brings and even engage in a little snow play. The sky’s the limit when it comes to winter fun! Considering winter is right around the corner, and cold weather is even closer, why not get ahead of the game and focus on getting your skin in shape now? You can’t go wrong when using the product Allure named as “Best Moisturizing Body Wash” in their 2015 Best of Beauty Awards.

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