How to Apply Makeup in 5-minutes

No one has time for a complicated makeup routine--especially now. But rather than throwing in the towel when it comes to your beauty routine, I believe in the power of a personal care routine to make you feel pretty. That's why I love trèStiQue. 

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Trestique Essential 8 Routine Video

From start to finish, here's how I get my makeup done in 5 minutes.

Trestique Essential 8 Routine

That's right. Eight products and five minutes, that's all you need to get a complete, flawless face and feel like you've at least accomplished one thing for the day. As I shared in the video, each piece has a special two-in-one aspect. All the Trestique products comes with built-in applicators included for the modern woman on the run. 

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These products help make my morning routine simply and repeatable. I just grab my Deluxe Le Pak bag and quickly work my way through the eight steps. 

How to Apply Makeup in 5-minutes

What I'm Wearing from Trestique

There are a ton of options when it comes to customizing the colors for your face. Here's what the Trestique team put together for me. They will personalize an Essential 8 for you too.

  • Tinted Face Stick: Paradise Island Beige
  • Concealer: Bisque
  • Blush: Moroccan Rose
  • Brow Pencil: Americano
  • Eye Pencil: Swiss Chocolate
  • Shadow Crayon: Venetian Shimmer
  • Lip Glaze: Paris Pink
  • Mascara: Good Vibes 

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