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How to Apply a Gel Manicure at Home

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I love the idea of getting a manicure - some time alone and a fresh pop of color are the perfect combination of a relaxing treat. The problem is the chipping, the peeling and the chapped nails that seem to follow a few days after the mani. Wouldn't it be great to get a long lasting manicure like a gel? Here we go let's do a gel manicure at home.

There has been talk of gel manicures for some time now, a system that allows you to have a high-quality manicure that also lasts for about two weeks! Although I love the idea of a manicure that lasts and offers a clean and gorgeous look, I generally don't get them because they can be pretty costly in a salon. Red Carpet Manicureis changing that with their innovative in-home gel manicure system, on-trend colors and manicure kits so that can anyone can create quality nails right in the comfort of their home.

At a recent event I had the chance to learn more about the company and receive my very own gel manicure using one the vibrant shade, "What a Surprise." Perfect for summer (and really anytime of year), the manicure allows moms to have the salon experience right in the comfort of their home. Not your typical manicure, home gel manicures require various steps where the nails are placed under an LED light.

As part of the product line from Red Carpet Manicure they created an innovative Starter Kit where moms can create salon-quality looks with a portable LED Light, a base coat, cleanser and gel as well as have the option to pick one of the 58-on-trends shades including bright neon and shimmery tones like Camera Flash or Thank U Mom & Dad. You can also create effects from light to dark, soft to intense and matte to shimmer that gives you a gorgeous pop of color with chip-free nails that last for weeks of wear.


In addition to their nail kits and gorgeous line of colors, they also offer the Erase liquidgel polish removal kit, a system that includes foil wraps with pre applied cotton pads and a buffering block that gently breaks the top coat seal. This also helps consumers remove their gel manicures without the harmful soaking that these types of manicures are known for.

Following the detailed steps below and using their innovative nail kits, you too can perfect your gel manicure and experiment with new looks - making it easy to enjoy

The Red Carpet LED Gel Manicure

Step 1 Preparation

  • Using the Orangewood Stick provided in the Red Carpet grooming kit

Prepare the nail by gently pushing back the cuticle using the flat end of the orangewood stick.

Do this on all nails including your thumbs.

  • Using the Red Carpet 240 grit File

Shape the natural nail to the desired shape using the File, short strokes.

  • Using the Red Carpet 100/180 grit Buffer

Next prepare the surface of the natural nail by gently removing the shine from the nail using the buffer.

  • Using the Red Carpet Cleanser

Place a small amount of Red Carpet Cleanser on a lint free pad or nail wipe and wipe the nail to remove excess dust or oil.

  • Using the Red Carpet pH Nail Prep

Apply the Red Carpet pH Nail Prep from the cuticle to the free-edge. The Red Carpet pH Nail Prep evaporates from the nail leaving the nail moisture free and no residue.

Step 2 Care & Color:

  • Using the Red Carpet Foundation Base Coat

Apply a very thin layer of the Foundation Base Coat to the nail from cuticle to free-edge. Don't forget to seal the free-edge of the front of your nail. Be careful not to get the Foundation Base Coat on the skin. If you do get some extra base coat on your skin around your nail don't worry, just simply wipe away with a lint free wipe and Red Carpet Cleanser the excess base coat. But this mistake needs to be done BEFORE you cure with the light.

Place all four fingers of one hand under the Red Carpet Mini LED light and cure for 1 minute. Do not touch the nail since the nail will feel somewhat tacky after 1 minute. You DO NOT need to hold your fingers or thumbs under the lamp longer than 1 minute. In this one minute the base coat will be completely cured.

We recommend that application for four fingers and then the thumbs separately. When using the Mini hand held light, be sure the fingers are completely exposed to the light. The top of the light adjusts to make sure all of your fingers are exposed to the LED light.

After curing process of the base coat for 1 minute the surface of the Foundation Base Coat will remain somewhat sticky. DO NOT TOUCH the nail. The nail will remain tacky until the very end of the manicure when you finish your Red Carpet manicure. You will simply wipe off the tackiness. Please remember this tackiness is normal and expected.

Apply the base coat to all fingers and thumbs and cure before moving on to the next treatment.

  • Using your favorite Red Carpet Gel Nail Enamel
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Apply a very thin coat of color to the nail from cuticle to free-edge or front of the nail. Slightly sweep the color over the edge of the nail or free-edge to protect this part of the nail. This application should be very thin and cover the nail completely.

Using a clean cuticle stick remove any Red Carpet color from the skin before entering the light.

Place all four fingers into the Mini light again and now cure for 2 minutes. We recommend curing 4 fingers and thumbs separately. Once again the surface of the nail will remain somewhat tacky so DO NOT TOUCH the nail. The 2 minute cure time under the Red Carpet LED light will fully cure the color. No extra time is needed.

To achieve full coverage apply a second coat of Red Carpet color to the nail from cuticle to free-edge sweeping color again over the front edge of the nail.

Place all four fingers into the Red Carpet Mini LED light and cure for 2 minutes. We recommend curing the 4 fingers on each hand and then thumbs separately.

Once again the surface of each layer will remain tacky when cured, this is to be expected.

  • Using the Red Carpet Sealing Top Coat

Brush on the nail from cuticle to free-edge, again sweeping over the free-edge to seal. Don't worry if the surface again is tacky, this is to be expected. The top coat will seal in the color and give the nail a high shine.

Place all four fingers under the LED light like the color step and cure for 2 minutes. We recommend curing the 4 fingers on each hand then thumbs separately.


  • Using the Red Carpet Cleanser

You will simply remove the sticky residue from the surface of each nail.

Place a small amount of Red Carpet Cleanser to a lint free pad and wipe the surface of the nail from cuticle to free-edge on all 10 nails. No color will come off on to the pad. Nails will keep its high shine and brilliance for weeks of wear. YOU ARE RED CARPET READY!!

  • If you have the time you may want to start to nourish the cuticle and the skin around the nail

Apply the Red Carpet Nourishing Cuticle Oil to revitalize and condition the cuticle and surrounding skin.

For best results and healthy nails consider a daily dose of nourishing cuticle oil, this will help the nail stay revitalized and moisturized.

Removing your Red Carpet Manicure and Reapplying

  • After a few weeks your nail will grow and the manicure will leave a space between your cuticle and color. So removing your manicure is simple and non damaging to the nail. You may even get tired of your color after a few weeks and want to change the shade, no problem 10 minutes your back to your natural nails without damage.
  • Using the Red Carpet 100/180 Grit Buffer

Simply stroke back and forth the buffer over the top of the nail to remove the shine from the entire surface of nail and scratch up the top coat.

  • Using the Red Carpet Nail Color Remover

Place a cotton ball saturated with the Remover on the nail and wrap in a piece of small piece of aluminum foil. Wrapping the finger in foil locks in natural body heat and keeps the remover from evaporating accelerating the removal process.

Leave wrapped in the foil for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes unwrap foil and slide off cotton.

Using an orangewood stick gently push off any remaining color. You're finished and ready for your next Red Carpet manicure.

  • Oh and don't forget one more dose of Red Carpet Nourishing Cuticle oil

Gently message into the cuticle, natural nail and surrounding skin to revitalize and condition, a Red Carpet manicure is leaves your nails natural and undamaged..

Need more tips? Check out this step-by-step video of how to create a manicure at home:

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