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Hair styling tools should actually be called weapons of mass destruction. Not only can they turn a perfectly good ‘do into a don’t, they can burn the life out of your locks. But even more on the damaging side is what they do when you accidentally drop them…say…on your foot…not that I’ve ever done this before. Looks away in shame.

Summer Beauty

It’s because we have a vessel sink. Which means the base isn’t all that big, so when I’m flat irons or curling my hair, I have to put the tool on the top of the toilet. Then it falls. God forbid my daughter comes in and has to pee. That adds an entirely new level of stress.

The Hot Iron Holster is a recent addition to our bathroom. This portable silicone holder for hot styling tools that clings to any smooth surface and is heat resistant to 500 degrees F. That means you can just flap it down onto your sink (yes, even vessels and pedestals) and it holds everything from hot curling irons to straighteners to hair dryers.

For those with huge counters surrounding your sink, it even flaps nicely onto the counter so that it hangs over. It clings to tile, wood, laminate, granite, metal, glass, vinyl, porcelain, plastic, leather, the family dog…OK, not that last one. Just wanted to make sure you were still paying attention.

No more fighting over where my hot styling tools are going. I’ve got this battle won.

The Hot Iron Holster is available at for $29.95.

We stopped in a penny candy shop the other day during a visit to Salem, Mass. Sidenote: does anyone really get to call themselves penny candy shops anymore, since nothing in there is cheaper than a buck? This is where I introduced our daughter to PopRocks. A little bit of my childhood for my child. Without hesitation, she instantly poured the entire thing in her mouth, almost blowing an eardrum with how loud all the popping became. Bottom line – she loved them.

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32 Collage

Little did I know that when I got my package from Dr. Thomas P. Connelly DDS introducing his new 32 breath savers, I was going to have my own popping and rocking experience.

His new Effervescent Breath Treatment are tiny little packets of cleansing crystals that fight bad breath. They have a special formula that inhibits the sulfur compounds that your tongue makes (yes, I was disgusted to find out that your mouth makes a type of of the reasons for bad breath) so that you stand a chance against things like coffee, garlic and cheese.

Just toss the package of IsoVoxy crystals onto your tongue and they go to work, sounding just like PopRocks as they clean your breath. They currently only have peppermint, but honey, lemon mint and spearmint are on their way.

It's sugar-free, more fun than gum and does a better job at promising good breath that lasts. And let's face it...having good breath rocks.

32 is available at for $36.

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