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Beauty & Beyond: Getting Through the Heat Wave

On the heels of this nasty heat wave we’ve been having, I’ve discovered one thing. I hate night creams. The last thing in the world I want to do is slather on a heavy cream and then lie there sweating it off while I’m trying to fall asleep in my hotter-than-the-optimal-64-degrees bedroom. City girl alert - we don't have central A/C. Just tiny wall units. Pity me. I welcome it.

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I can definitely tell the difference in my sleepy skin when I don’t use anything. I wake up lacking. So on a search I went for something that covered me in a veil not a wet blanket of skin-saving nutrients.

Bioque Rejuvenating Night Cream has a consistency of whipped pudding and this fit the bill (because really, there's always room for dessert). It’s light and fluffy and disappears once you smooth it on. And the key is that it’s actually feeding your skin, since it’s peptide-rich and botanical-bursting for overnight extra-deep moisturizing.

The trick to their technology is based on Nobel Prize-winning concept that cells talk with each other – and that in order to get “through to them,” you have to speak their language.

Called scientific skincare, Bioque uses Signal Technology to deliver over 80 percent beneficial natural compounds into the interior of skin cells in both the inner and outer layers of skin.

Are you listening cells? I'm talking to you. I'm telling you to get some beauty sleep. Even if it is 82 degrees.

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Bioque Rejuvenating Night Cream is available at for $45.

Another place I’ve decided is not exactly great during heat wave would be the décolleté. Put cream there and five seconds later, you’re sweating through your shirt. Right...*points to between her boobs*...there.

Erno Laszlo has been around since 1927, so leave it to him to come up with the most incredible treatment for this area (one also known to show your age first). Luminous is an intensive décolleté treatment complete with SPF 20. It goes on sheer and silky and then transforms into a dry feel. Perfect for sweaty tank top days.

This reparative chest moisturizer treatment helps soften, firm and brighten skin, while broad-spectrum UV protection guards against photo-aging (those pesky age spots that can make you look a decade older. ?And no more crepe, since antioxidants also protect against environmental damage and help to soften and replenish skin’s moisture level.

Luminous Intensive Decollete Treatment Spf 20 is available at for $95.

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