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How to Fight a Summer Cold

There is nothing worse than a summer cold. Am I right? The stuffy nose...The runny nose…(I’m not sure which is worse?!) The coughing...The sore throat...The foggy head...It’s all simply the pits! And while a cold is certainly no fun in the winter, somehow it’s tougher to take when it’s beautiful outside. Since I inevitably always end up with some form of a cold in the warm weather months, I’ve developed some tried and true tricks to help me fight them.

In fact, I recommend having a summer cold kit on hand for your family. That way you’re always prepared to help everyone survive the summer cold season. The last thing you want is a sick, whiny kiddo at home...or husband for that matter. Bwah! Our whole family has been taken down by a gnarly bug before...and, as you fellow mamas know, we’re the ones that don’t exactly get sick days. My baby girl doesn’t care if her mom is struggling, she wants her snuggles and she wants them NOW! So, if we can do anything to shorten the life of a cold, or at least make it more manageable, we want to do it right?

Did you know that you can score everything you need for your oh so helpful summer cold kit at CVS? Their CVS Health brand products are just as effective as name brands and if you use the ExtraCare Rewards Program you’ll receive rewards based on your shopping habits, so it will be easy to keep your summer cold kit stocked at all times! If you’re not up to leaving the house, with the CVS Pharmacy App, you can shop online right from the comfort of your couch, jammies and all.


So, let’s talk about what to put in your summer cold kit. First, do everything you can to prevent falling ill. It’s elementary, but you can’t go wrong with washing your hands. And as added protection, I like to always have hand sanitizer around. CVS makes a super convenient spray that I can’t get enough of. They also have AirShield tablets and gummies that can help support your immune system.

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Next, you want to make sure you have products that will lessen the severity of your symptoms and keep you as comfortable as possible. I’m talking about things like throat relief pops, lozenges, chest rub, vapor tablets, cough syrup, as well as night and day cold & flu relief and whatever else you can find that could help. Here’s to hoping you don’t need them...but it’s better to be safe than sorry right?


Finally, all you have to do is gather up your summer cold fightin’ products of choice, arrange them in a basket and store everything under your bathroom sink so your kit is easily accessible when one of you needs it! Fill that basket to the brim baby! As you can tell...I’m quite serious about battling those pesky summer colds. Haha!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. The opinions expressed are our own. Please consult a medical provider before using any new products.

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