Fergie's Latest Cultural Contribution

AVON 125th Celebration Believe World Tour With Fergie - New York

We moms wear so many hats. Sadly the easiest one to neglect is the sexy, feminine part of our personality. Shuttling kids to summer camp, changing soggy diapers, coddling cranky tots--that can suck the va-va-voom right out of us. Here's a little summer beauty tip: A touch of lip gloss and a spray of fragrance can go a long way to perking up your love life and your beauty routine.

When it comes to fragrance, we're trying out Fergie's latest--Outspoken Intense for Avon. This July the 36-year-old rockstar is rolling out her second Avon fragrance and we got to try it out at home. "Outspoken has been our most successful fragrance launch in the history of Avon," said CEO Andrea Jung at a press event in New York and I bet the brand can expect this second scent--Outspoken Intense--to perform just as well.

The key notes are starfruit, passion flowers and sensual musks. Let me say this--Outspoken Intense is not the fragrance for the Saturday swim meet, Instead, it's meant for the night when you and your partner hire a sitter and head out for margaritas and a chance to reconnect. A fragrance like this will go a long way towards kicking up the romance level of the evening.

Outspoken Intense is a sophisticated, tropical floral. You'll have to call Avon (1-800-FOR-AVON) to get your hands on this--that's the only place the scent is sold. $30 for a 1.7 oz bottle.


Momtrends is a blogging Ambassador for Avon. We were sent this fragrance to test, but were not scripted about what to write or say.

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