Our Favorite Summer Beauty Tips


While you might focus more on skincare in the winter because the colder temps tend to be harsher on your skin, it's important that you maintain a good regimen during the summer time too. You can probably get away with using less products because your skin will most likely need less hydration, but there are still a few crucial steps that I recommend you keep up. Year 'round care will help you achieve the beautiful, healthy looking complexion that all us girls desire. So, let's talk summer beauty tips...

face mask

1. Face mask...Adding a good face mask to your routine at least once a week will help your skin look brighter and energized. This Kiehl's mask is my personal favorite because you get instant results. I mean how often can you say that about something? Give it a try...I promise your skin will look instantly better as soon as you rinse it off!

clinique brush

2. Cleansing Brush...If you really want to get in there and get your skin good and clean try a cleansing brush on for size. Just think about how much you sweat in the summer. A thorough cleansing is in order! Am I right? An you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on one either. The Clinique Cleansing Brush is very budget friendly option!


3. Exfoliation...An easy DIY scrub is all you need to rid your skin of all those dead cells that clog up your pores. And even if you don't fill like mixing up your own beauty treatment, there are plenty of great exfoliation products on the market like one of my top picks, Bliss Micro Magic.

Summer Beauty Tips

So, don't forget to focus on your skin in the summer too lovelies. These summer beauty tips should help!

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