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Sublime Sun


Breaking some serious weather records, last week we enjoyed 75-82 degree temps and pure sunshine. You might say it was sublime. That's where Sublime Sun comes in.

One thing that extra week of misplaced summer weather reminded me. Besides bringing to my attention that there are fewer days to lose five lbs before bikini season, it reminded me that I need to slather on the sunscreen again. Although I'm great with my face, I tend to forget coming right out of the cover-up months. After all, I haven't put sunscreen on my body for months. But short sleeves on long sunny days could mean sun damage and burns. So SPF it is.Sublime Sun

But it's still sublime. Sublime Sun. Launched last month, the new line from L'Oreal Paris is formulated with an exclusive UV filter system that saves you against not only UVA (which leaves you prematurely aged and wrinkly) and UVB (which leaves you with skin cancer), but also an array of multi-action antioxidants for free radical protection. Vitamin E combats oxidative stress on the surface, while white grape seed provides deeper protection below.

There are seven products for face and body, including ultra-water resistant lightweight lotions and lotion sprays, in protection levels of 30 and 50+. My favorites are the easy-to-use crystal clear mists that you can spray on wet skin too. They're instantly absorbed into the skin with a non-slimeball finish.

Part of the reason all of the Sublime Sun collection boasts smooth, mess-free application is because of the silky sheer formulas infused with silica powder and emollients. So no more sticky, tacky SPF. Now that's sublime.

L'Oreal Paris Sublime Sun is available at drug stores for $9.99-$10.99.

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I'm so bored with my hair. These doldrums started a few months ago, and I can't seem to shake them. The cut, the style, the color. Do I want bangs? Do I color it some insane shade? Tell me. What. Do. I. do.

Every time I see some rad chic (yes, I used the word applies nicely, I think) with funky punky hair color, I sigh. I wish I could do that. I secretly covet the pink hair of that blonde British chic on ANTM.

Well, I've decided to streak. But not in a naked way. Streekers are these new liquid, brush-on hair colors that add a little pop without committing to a full on permanent job. Just take the Q-tip brush and streak on the liquid color for instant fun. They look the best on lighter hair colors like blonde and highlights, but I rocked the red in my chocolate brown and it looked great.

You can brush your hair after the Streekers are completely dry and the color doesn't flake or disappear. It can also be used over styling gel and wax, and you can hair spray over it. Are you yourself over it? Then just shampoo it out. Don't panic, sometimes it takes up to three washes if your hair is porous.

They come in purple, pink, blue, yellow, orange, green, ultraviolet, and red...I could have used orange when my Syracuse Orangemen played Saturday night in the Elite 8 tourney.

Word to the wise...we learned the hard way that these colors aren't lying when they say "easy to remove." I put some on my daughter's bangs (pink, of course). The next morning, my husband woke me up in a panic because, while getting her ready for school, he noticed her entire face was pink. It was easily washed off, but the thought of permanent pink forehead and cheeks terrified an unsuspecting parent. The brochure says perspiration might cause the colors to run onto towels or hats, but I'm thinking they should include faces on that list.

Next time I'll streak the side of her hair, so her cheeks will just turn pink from compliments. Now, about those bangs...

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive samples for review purposes.

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