Fall Sunscreen Protection #HowTheSunSeesYou

Sunscreen Protection

As everyone is enjoying the wonders of fall, we also have to be sure to stay protected from the sun. There is often a misconception that just because it is cooler, that the sun isn't as strong. However, after seeing the release of the video How The Sun Sees You, we are sure that you will never skip SPF again. In this video, Thomas Leveritt took to the Brooklyn streets to produce a powerful video, issuing a much needed wake-up call concerning sun protection. Leveritt set up a camera with a special UV light and monitor, capturing men, women and children’s responses when they discover the damage to their skin. The worst part? It’s invisible to the naked eye.

Leveritt reminds us of the importance of daily sunscreen use, showcasing the imperative actions we must take to avert sun damage. But it doesn’t stop there. Many sunscreen brands are loaded with unnecessary chemicals that most people don’t even realize they’re applying. Luckily, the EWG’s 2014 Sunscreen Guide is out, helping to guide consumers in the right direction.

One of our favorite ways to slather up and protect our skin is with Sunology, a brand that holds a level 1 ranking, and is committed to producing highly effective sun care products inspired by nature. Educating consumers on the facts of sun safety while providing a powerful alternative:the highest SPF recommended by the FDA made with natural active ingredients (SPF 50).

Sunscreen Protection

This includes products like SPF for Face, SPF for Kids and SPF for Body - all of which contain ingredients such as  Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide that are derived from natural sources. We love this as a source where you won't find chemical active ingredients. Instead you will find UV MicroReflexion, an ingredient that reflects the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays; VitaOleféra tomoisturizethe skin and FSG Complex, an ingredient derived from naturally occurring ferulic acid, a renowned skin nourishing agent. Personally, I love how smooth and non-greasy this is as the sunscreen leaves my skin and body soft and protected from the elements.

While we love the cool air, it is still important to stay protected and be safe from chemicals. We love sunology for providing families with a product that is safe and effective all year round.

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