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Beauty & Beyond: Top 2 Fall Makeup Trends

I shall begin with a few Emmy fashion comments whether you want them or not: Why did Vera Farmiga have a car grill on her waist and windshield-high hair? John Snow knows nothing about good hair. Lena Heady, I can see your underwear. Tina Fey, finally something sexy. Heidi Klum, you frighten me but you make one hot FemBot. Elizabeth Moss, your not knowing what twerking is makes you my new favorite person. They will hate on her, but I love Julianna Marguiles' dress. Alison Janney, Maria Menounos and Kelly Osbourne (minus the hair) looked amazing, but Sara Hyland won the night for me.

Moving on…

With cat eyes and red hot lips parading down the runway, autumn promises to catch a sophisticated yet flirty side of beauty. Here are tips on getting these top two fall looks.

How to Meow:
The sexy cat eye is a trend I absolutely love. Keep it simple with black or do it up in a jewel tone for extra drama or a subtle brown for a warm, comfy vibe.

the cat eye

But it's important to avoid the Cleopatra ones on Christian Dior’s and Lanvin’s catwalks. Instead apply thin black lines, swept close to the lash line and drawn up into a tiny wing. “The trick is a precise line,” says makeup artist Meghan Cotton, owner of the eponymous Meghan Cotton Makeup Artistry in Boston, who pairs this look with a nude pink lip. She dips an arched liner brush into a gel eyeliner like Blacktrack Fluid line by MAC, then drags the brush along the lash line from inner corner towards outer. Drag the wing line just a bit out from the outer corner. Then she lines the waterline and bottom lashes with Sephora’s waterproof retractable eyeliner in Classic Black and swipes on mascara.

Lancôme National Celebrity Makeup Artist Alex Sanchezsuggests applying mascara to both the upper and lower lashes before applying your liner. By applying it first, it’s very easy to apply liquid liner as it creates a platform for the liner to land on. And don't this trend over all others...practice make purrrr-fect.

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I love using felt tip liners for cat eyes. What can I say? I'm a control freak, and pens IMHO give me more control. One of my favorites is Lancôme’s Artliner 24H (the thin felt tip and 10 different colors make it a must-have). For thick lines perfect for a night out, try chubby felt tips like L’Oréal Paris' new The Blackbuster by Infallible (available in October) or CARGO’s TexasLiner Liquid Liner.

Red My Lips:
Perfectly sassy pouts are smiling everywhere. Somewhat intimidating, red lips can separate the girls playing with mommy’s lipstick from the hot mommas—but only through great application.

classic red lip

For red color (which tends to feather more than most shades), liner is key. The dare-to-wear red lip can be intimidating, but it’s actually as easy as 1-2-3. “The perfect red lip has been the classic go-to look for decades,” says Cotton. “You just need three products—a red lipstick, a lip primer to keep the color from bleeding and a lip brush.” Apply primer over the entire lips. With the brush, carefully line lips with red (her favorite is MAC’s Russian Red). Then fill in the color using the brush. “If you want to modernize the look, apply a clear gloss,” says Cotton, admitting she prefers matte for a vintage classic look. Keep the rest of your makeup very neutral to let your lips do all the talking.

I love the new Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil, which I’ve used all over my lip instead of lipstick.Trust me…it doesn’t bleed anywhere or come off on anything.

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