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Fab Skincare Finds

"You look like a super hero," my husband said when I walked into the kitchen yesterday afternoon. I want to share my research into Fab Skincare Finds.


Was I finally getting the recognition I deserve for doing four million things at once? Was he finally acknowledging my immortal-like ability to do it all? No. His comment had nothing to do with the fact that I had just leaped a pile of laundry in a single bound, solved a scheduling problem with a single text, balanced the checkbook, exercised while working with our child on her site words, made reservations for date night and picked out an outfit. All in an hour.

Fab Skincare Finds

It was because I had the new Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels by Skyn ICELAND on my face. These white gel patches are quite the look (almost a mask-meets-football black undereye smudges) while making you quite the looker after you peel them off.

I was so happy to try something from Iceland. For some unknown reason, this country been on my radar more so than ever before (except for that occasion Bjork wore her swan dress). I got invited to an Icelandic dinner at a local restaurant. My friends just went there on an airline special deal. I recently discovered their newest export'??an indie alt-rock-pop band,Of Monsters and Men. We even added an Icelandic sheepdog puppy (one of the world's oldest breeds, but our well-seasoned vet had never seen one). What's up with all the Iceland?

Of course I had to try the skincare line. Especially when I heard that Skyn ICELAND skincare products treat the effects of stress on your skin with pure and potent natural ingredients from Iceland. These white gel pads were a great find. They fit right under your eyes, sticking with confidence that they're going to get rid of your pesky under eye bags. You just take off the backing, stick the cooling transdermal pad on and leave there for 10 minutes. Gently peel away to more appealing skin.

The Biospheric Complex is a blend of big-time nutrients from this tiny country'??mineral rich glacial water, indigenous Arctic berries, and butterfly bush and thyme extracts. The gel pads also have hydrolyzed elastin to restore tone and firmness to the under-eye area and a hexapeptide that calms muscles under the skin (bye bye lines). The Ginkgo biloba leaf extract relaxes blood vessels to improve blood flow and helps reduce puffiness.

Yes, I will take that superhero complement. And yes, I will depuff those bags put there by the 4,782 things I've done in the past hour. Besides I have to look good for date night.

Skyn ICELAND's Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels are available at or for $30.

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It's always good to see a local girl do good. And when I can get behind the reason for the hoopla, all the better. When it comes to First Aid Beauty, I can. Boston lady Lilli Gordon definitely did good with this skincare line.

They launched the most unique serum recently--their new Uplifting Serum Face & Neck Roller with Bio Marine Extracts. It's called a "face lift in a bottle," and I think I see why. Not only is the formula fantastic (should I say F.A.B.), but its application is also uplifting.

Take off the top and switch it to the "on" position. Then give it a squeeze and roll it back and forth over your face, necks forehead, cheeks and chin. A quick return to "off" and roll it over again to stimulate the skin's circulation. Bonus: my hands weren't covered in the serum. Because of this no-touch application, it all went onto my skin.

The key ingredients are bio marine extracts that help fight free radicals, glycerin (an old standby for softening skin), hyaluronic acid which is a hydrating skin savor, peptids for a collagen boost, and polyacrylamide to tighten.

And that it did. You know how nervous I am about crepe neck. I was excited to feel a definite tightening in my skin (it was almost a little sticky but I'll deal with it).

I haven't been using it for eight weeks yet, but I'm excited to since they claim that, after using the serum twice daily for this time frame, 96 percent experienced skin firming. I guess you could say that with this serum you can roll with the punches that aging gives you.

FAB Uplifting Serim is available at Sephora and at for $46.

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