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I don't know about you, but when fall rolls around I find myself with a serious time shortage. Between all the back to school mania, new sports and activities to get to, this mama is busy with a capital B. And while I definitely like to feel put together when I leave the house, I don't have a ton of time to make that happen...especially when we're talking about doing my hair. And the best way to to keep things nice and simple is to make sure my hair is in great shape. That way I can make a blowout last longer or just go with my natural wavy texture. So, let's talk easy fall hair care shall we? If you want the kind of hair you don't have to spend a lot of time on, I have one one for you...CONDITION! Let me say it again...condition, condition, condition your hair! If it needs it that is.

wavy hair

There are a few different ways you could handle conditioning your hair...And I like to do them ALL. Bwah! I condition my hair every time I wash it, I spritz on a leave in conditioner after my shower when I want light texture along with a dose of moisturization AND I try to use a hair mask at least once a week. On that note, I, of course, have some go-to products that I turn to for each and every conditioning step...In fact, I shared my favorite leave in conditioner from Evolvh here and I found the hair mask from Mastey Paris that's now a regular part of my hair care routine here.


These products come together and work like a team to help get my hair in the kind of shape that will look great no matter how much time I put into it. If you have moisture starved hair like me, conditioning is vital and if you choose the right products for your hair type, you can say hello to strong healthy tresses and goodbye to deyhydrated split ends! Plus, you'll have less static in your mane which is always a concern when cooler weather hits.

So, there you have it...my tips for easy fall hair care. And for more beauty focused fun, check out these super simple DIY beauty treatments!

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