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Easy 3 Step Hairstyle for Curly Hair

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For most of my tween and teen years, I hated my curly hair. I didn’t quite know how to work with its natural texture, nor had I mastered a smooth blow out, so the end result of my attempt to straighten it was a pouffy, somewhat frizzy, look. Finally, when I hit my twenties, I realized that curly hair wasn’t so bad and I started going au naturale. My life changed from the first moment I rocked my God given curls.

My hair is kind of in between wavy and curly, so I can easily achieve beachy waves by just washing, scrunching with a bit of product, like Suave Professionals® Luxe Curl Mousse, and letting my tresses dry naturally. Anyone with wavy/curly hair can do the same! Now I’m not talking about out of date crunchy curls. Thankfully, this product won’t give you those. When your hair dries, you’ll have soft, touchable curls! So, leave that stiff drying gel alone. Haha!

The look I’m going to share with you today isn’t about perfection. It’s about messy, unstructured texture. In fact, you can even leave the house somewhat wet thanks to Suave Professionals® Luxe Curl Mousse, which will help form your curls from the moment you apply it and scrunch. This ‘do is a super easy look than you can style yourself...

Step 1: Wash your hair. Duh right? Haha! Seriously though, this look requires wet hair.


Step 2. Apply Suave Professionals® Luxe Curl Mousse, flip your head over and scrunch those curls!


Step 3: Part your hair on the side, take a small section from the front and create a small accent braid.

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Voila! You have a wash and go look that takes mere minutes! So, go ahead...Embrace those curls of yours, lovelies. They’re beautiful!

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