Don't Forget About Fall Sun Care


Sun care in the summertime is a no brainer right? When you feel those rays blazing down on your skin you're more likely to reach for sunscreen. But, the fact is, sun care is something you should focus on all year long. The sun can definitely reach you through the clouds. And that's why sun care is such an important part of my beauty routine no matter what month it is. I know fall and sun care aren't necessarily two things that you associate with one another, especially if you don't live in the south. But that's why I'm here. My mission is to inspire you to pop a go-to sunscreen into your makeup bag every single day. So, let's talk fall sun care...I thought it would be helpful if I shared three of my favorite sunscreens. Whether you're looking for a dedicated face product, something you can use all over or even one the whole family can use, I've got you covered.

sun bum

Sun Bum...If you have sensitive skin at all, this is for you! Not only is it not irritating, it's also super moisturizing. I will say that if you're wearing white it could leave a bit of color behind. So, make sure you let it dry fully before throwing on your beloved white tee. Haha! Just a little PSA.

clarins sunscreen

Clarins Multi-Active Jour SPF 20...I live in Florida, so I'm willing to spend on sunscreen and get separate products for my body and face. And this Clarins multi-tasker not only protects your skin, it also provides anti-aging benefits. Score! I know you fellow busy mamas appreciate anything that multi-tasks.

babyganics sunscreen

Babyganics Mineral-Based Sunscreen...If you want to travel light, this is the sunscreen to throw in your bag. The whole family can use it, which I appreciate. If we're headed to a theme park, for instance, I don't want to have to carry around multiple products, and I always look for PABA and fragrance free options for my kiddos' precious skin.

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So, there you have it, my main fall beauty tip is to make fall sun care a priority. Trust me...Your skin will thank you! And for more beauty tips and tricks, check out the top fall nail polish colors we recommend.

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