DIY beauty is so trendy! Since we've all been stuck at home, we're learning how to recreate spa treatments on our own. Here's the latest beauty hack I've perfected. I am showing you how to do a little DIY beauty solution for rough dry feet. 

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Winter Foot Scrub

A Cure for Rough Dry Feet

Here's the problem. I love to play outdoors in the winter. From winter running to skiing, to skiing, I'm not afraid of the cold. But my skin takes a beating. To repair my skin, I rely on a little DIY beauty. I also look at these treatments as self care--and what mama doesn't need more self care?

Got rough feet from the bitter cold? This treatment is cheap and will get your skin looking great for warm weather. All you need is a hearty balm like Vaseline or Bag Balm and a few other ingredients you have at the house. We're whipping up a simple salt and scrub using our recipe and old socks to pull together this winter beauty treatment.

DIY Treatment Materials

  • Vaseline or Bag Balm--a heavy balm
  • Coarse sea salt
  • Bowl for mixing
  • Old socks

DIY Beauty Video

The process is simple. Check out our video below.

  1. Mix the balm and sea salt in a bowl (2 to 1 ratio)
  2. Slather mix on your feet. 
  3. Put on your old socks and head off to bed. 
  4. In the morning, wipe clean with a washcloth and be prepared for baby soft feet. 

As you can see, this beauty hack is perfect for busy moms. It works while you sleep to get you better skin. And we all have to sleep eventually!


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